Happy Easter everybody :)

Happy Easter everybody :)


Incubus - Aqueous transmission


New York City VIII. by H.R. Giger

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If the U.N was smart (never will happen, lol) they’d ban any attempts to implement sharia law in secular societies. So many Muslims are moving to western countries and then demanding special treatment and privileges when it comes to their religion and culture they came from. If Islamic countries want sharia law then so be it but don’t go live in the UK, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Germany, etc and expect them to cater to your 7th century ideology and culture. If you don’t like it then you can leave it. There is no place for sharia law in civilized society. It should be considered a human rights violation.

And I blame these leftist governments for tolerating it. Political correctness is destroying so much good and tranquility in this world. There is nothing wrong with nationalism (love of country) and protecting your culture as long as it’s peaceful. And you shouldn’t have to cower to outsiders or traitor insiders that want to change it by imposing their will on your sovereignty.

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